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Riverwell Chiropractic


Riverwell Chiropractic


New Patients Welcome​

Welcome to Riverwell Chiropractic, where our mission is to provide a safe place to heal out of a sense of abundance. 

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Monday - Saturday

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Crisis Care. Lifestyle Care. Performance Care.

Riverwell Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic care in Lawrenceville, GA 30046 and the surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity, and wellness.

When you are suffering from an injury, pain, or other health problem, the chiropractic care we provide can give you relief and stability, and address the underlying cause.

If you want to reach optimum health and peak performance levels regardless of your age or provide healthy, drug-free solutions for your children and family, our practice will be a great fit for you.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential through every phase of life. This includes YOU.

Our People

We are a true family and performance-based chiropractic practice. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family heal and reach your health goals.

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Our Community

We care about our community and enjoy working with companies, organizations, schools, and sports teams. Contact us today to learn more.

Services We Offer

Chiropractic Care

Our office delivers quality chiropractic in a caring supportive environment. We personalize your care to help your body heal so you can reach your health goals.

Family Chiropractic

A healthy spine and nervous system is essential for a healthy life. Our office provides family chiropractic care for newborns to 100-year-olds and everyone in between.

Prenatal Chiropractic

Our office is a leader in prenatal chiropractic locally, and nationally. We love working with kids and welcome the opportunity to help yours get and stay healthy.

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Sports Chiropractic

Athletes utilize sports chiropractic to heal quickly and optimize their performance. Whether you're a pro, a kid, or somewhere in between, you'll appreciate the results.

Nutrition and Cleansing

Good nutrition is essential. Using a variety of resources, ranging from healthy weight-loss, cleansing, education, and supplements, we will help you change your life.

Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Services

The rehabilitative services that our office provides in conjunction with your chiropractic care will help you speed your recovery.

Our chiropractic Team

Dr. Makeda Minott, D.C.


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